Our View of the Saints of Scripture

Few things are more upsetting to me than to hear, from the pulpit, some pious wretch announce his disrespect for the saints of Scripture, usually due to some imagined sin or shortcoming regardless of God's own assessment of the man. Rushdoony here put all such in their place.

Defending the Bible's Saints 41112b

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The Impact of Rushdoony on Jurisprudence


The story of how Dr. Rushdoony, through his Institutes of Biblical Law, is calling Jurisprudence back to the science of law away from the study of man's imaginings.


by Dr. Herbert Titus, JD
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A Scholar’s Scholar.

Rushdoony was a scholar's scholar. He spoke and wrote cogently on a wide variety of subjects and qualifies as a worthy mentor for anyone who wishes to get a great education.

Read his books and listen to his lessons and while you are at it we have an exclusive available for you right here.  It is the transcript of a homeschool trial in Texas where he was the expert witness.

Check out our other website: www.christrules.com for more on this remarkable man.

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